Swiss Fondue House

54700 North Circle Dr.

P.O. Box 565
Idyllwild CA, 92549
Tel.: +1 951 527 6006



From April on until the
season starts,we have
new opening times.

Thursday: 5pm to closed.
Friday to Sunday:
open from 12am -2pm and

from 5pm to closed.

Monday – Wednesday
we are closed.


Our restaurant is not only a food place it's more an experience and a place to relax or better a short trip to Switzerland.


Welcome to Switzerland!

Swiss Fondue Stuebli

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Swiss Fondue House

See the great yelp review that we already have with the Swiss Fondue House in Idyllwild, CA.

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Have time: You are here to relax, so please take your time! This is an easy-going, relaxing dining culture and style where your food is cooked just the way you want it, and at your own table. Conversation and even romance, one is a big part of the Fondue and Raclette experience. We wish you an enjoyable meal!

Swiss Fondue House specializes in the Swiss Chees Kitchen and natural home-style cooking. Our goal is to achieve the highest quality flavors in cooking. 


Our Cheeses: (we only use original Swiss cheese) The basic recipe includes Gruyère and Vacherin cheese, but you can also use various other cheeses, such as: Emmentaler, Raclette, Appenzeller, Tilsiter and Sbrinz. Soft cheeses are really only intended to change the taste. So, the bravest of you can add a piece of Gorgonzola or Schabziger into the fondue mix

Origin: Swiss fondue is considered the national dish of Switzerland, but this is not really correct. It’s real origin lies in the Savoy Alps, from where it then came over the mountains to Switzerland.

Fondue season: Fondue is enjoyed all year round in Switzerland. In summer the Swiss fondue can replace the outisde barbecue in the garden.

In addition, we offer indoor and outdoor dining options along with catering service for and rooms available for rent during special occasions such as parties, weddings, and birthdays. No party is to small or to large in our restaurant.